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US | Trump looks to the Great Wall of China for inspiration

Trump looks to the Great Wall of China for inspiration


February 12th, 2017
U.S.-Mexico border: An American (or a Mexican) hits the volleyball into the Mexican (or American) side. Credit: Quartz.

WASHINGTON D.C. - White House correspondents say U.S. President Donald Trump is looking to the Great Wall of China for architectural cues in constructing a similar one on the US-Mexico border.

Trump states that “[the wall’s] state-of-the-art design” will be a helpful reference in his project. The Great Wall of China, with sections constructed from mud and dead bodies, was built over the course of a millennia. Much like its Chinese counterpart, Trump’s wall will be built by taxpayer money and cheap labor.

The Great Wall of China was built to protect from tribal invaders and nomadic groups. Construction on the Great Wall began in the 7th century BC and was made from sternly worded threats directed towards Mongolian leaders for several hundred years. Once the intricate technology of mud, damp earth, and wet dirt was invented, the Great Wall incorporated progressively stronger building materials.

While much of the Great Wall was designed by architects unable to draw a straight line, certain sections of the wall have endured 700 years of weathering. Trump is also quoted as wanting the wall to be “beautiful, yet economical,” similar to the Great Wall of China. To achieve this, Trump plans on using several million spools of dental floss wrapped around wooden poles standing 5 meters apart in parts of the wall that will be rarely seen.

Despite the similarities to its Chinese version, Trump intends to make his wall far more sophisticated and effective.

“It’s going to be huge, ladies and gentlemen. You’re going to see it from both inner and outer space. It’s going to be a great, great wall,” the President stated to a crowd of reporters.

Though construction is yet to begin, and Mexico vehemently denies paying for the $21 billion wall, Trump authorized the purchase of dental floss in a executive order on Tuesday.