Lawrenceville | Special report: Prices skyrocket dramatically to devastating grade inflation

Special report: Prices skyrocket dramatically to devastating grade inflation


February 12th, 2017
The Grade Inflation Center, where grades are pumped with a 40% helium, 60% argon mixture, is visible to the lower right. Credit: Noodle.

LAWRENCEVILLE - In a recent poll on grade inflation and its effects, it was revealed that many of the Lawrenceville community viewed grade inflation as, surprisingly, something that had a positive impact on their lives and should continue. However, at the Lawrenceville Out Loud Investigative Department, we have heard some tragic stories from the silent minority of people who refuse to stay silenced any longer.

In a recent interview with student Aaron Plusus ’20, we have discovered that grade inflation, in fact, has a huge negative impact on the students and they perform on their assessments.

Discussing recent changes to grade inflation, Plusus said “All the grades cost so much more now. What used to buy me an A on an English essay can now barely get me a C+. That means I now have to spend over 3 times the amount of time I did before to get the same grade” In response to those who claimed grade inflation wasn’t a problem, Plusus grumbled “That’s because they have plenty of resources they can draw on because they are locally sourced and don’t have any end to their workday, meaning they can have as much time as they need.”

In a more broad perspective of the issue, it is clear to see the effects of the massive grade inflation spreading throughout the academic world. With the uselessness of local time, time investments in academics have dropped significantly in an economic phenomenon called senioritis (for V Formers) or pseudo-senioritis (for those who think they are V formers). At press time, many local investors have started outsourcing their businesses to foreign sources such as the corporations known as “Wikipedia” and “Sparknotes.”

Jonathan Ge '18 contributed reporting.