LAWRENCEVILLE | INTERVIEW: 2017 USA U-17 Individual Splash Qualifier Kate Monihan

INTERVIEW: 2017 USA U-17 Individual Splash Qualifier Kate Monihan


May 31st, 2017
Two Vth Form students having fun participating in Splash. Credit: Original source could not be located.

LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ - Kate Monihan ‘19 was a former Splash qualifier, at point rising to the number 4 position on the leaderboards before mysteriously disappearing. Lawrenceville Out Loud has managed to obtain a special interview with the athlete.

Reinhard: How many people have you killed?

Monihan: Five, of course.

Reinhard: What are your strategies?

Monihan: First I stalk them out. I get a full record of their schedule, if possible, from my intel. Definitely find out their sport, house, find out who their friends are maybe, maybe I’ll corrupt their friends. Typically, once I find out their schedule, I see where there’s overlap, where I can catch them off guard, maybe going from class to class. … I really like to act casual and walk toward them and just spill my water on them accidentally. I’ll be like, “Oh, sorry I fell and spilled my water on you,” but sometimes it does not work because I get scared that it’s not going to work and dump a ton of water on them, and then they get mad at me. I by accident broke a kid’s phone too.

Reinhard: What is your weapon of choice?

Monihan: Water bottle, or I have one of two water guns: a small one that fits in your pocket, or a nice Super Soaker.

Reinhard: Do you feel anything when you pull the trigger of your Super Soaker?

Monihan: The exhilaration that runs through my body as I get that target, it’s really satisfying. It’s like eating a nice burger or licking an ice cream on a hot, hot day.

Reinhard: Do you work alone?

Monihan: Yes, trust no one.

Reinhard: The leaderboard for Splash this year consists predominantly of males. What do you do that others do not?

Monihan: A lot of girls don’t take it seriously, but I go hard. … I guess I am just trying to be lowkey.

Reinhard: What are your opinions about betraying allies?

Monihan: It depends on the person, but in dire need, I would. If it [were] the 24 hour day, 100% percent.

Reinhard: So after you get assigned a new target, how do you begin your plans to splash the person?

Monihan: First I reach out to a source and find out their schedule, that’s the first step, and then occasionally maybe I’ll stalk them out before, but otherwise it’s just schedule and go for it.

Reinhard: Would you be willing to share any memorable war stories?

Monihan: Last year, this kid in my Humanities gave out my schedule to a senior boy, and this senior boy trapped me in the art building, so I ordered Chinese food so that I would not have to leave the art building. But then I realized that I was going to have to leave the art building to get my Chinese food, so I tricked him and juked him out and got my Chinese food.

Reinhard: Lastly, do you have any advice for anyone still in the game?

Monihan: Watch out.

Monihan did not advance to the final.